In order to increase the use of power perpetuals we aim to deploy a variety of strategy vaults which users can subscribe to.

These strategies will target a number of market conditions:

  • Sideways (crab)

  • Bull

  • Bear

Crab Strategy

The first strategy to be deployed will be a crab strategy which will enable user's to partake in a delta neutral strategy.

More details to be announced soon!

ChatGPT's take on a Crab Strategy

Yo, dudes! 🦀 Check out this rad thing called the Crab Strategy! It’s like this super-chill, automatic money-making wizard that doesn’t sweat whether osmos's price is gonna soar or plummet. It’s all about riding the squosmo wave without drowning in the crazy price tsunamis.

Imagine having a rock band where the guitarist and drummer are always in sync - the guitarist shreds riffs thinking osmo’s gonna skyrocket, and the drummer bangs the beats betting it’s gonna dive. Together, they make a killer harmony, not too caught up in osmo's wild rhythms.

It’s like being a savvy street vendor, selling goodies that always adjust to be the hot item of the hour. You make cool cash as long as the osmo's moves aren’t more rock'n'roll than squosmo’s vibes. If osmo stages a massive rock show, it might steal the scene, making the strategy less cool.

Crab Strategy is the cool cat that thinks squosmo's jam is a bit too loud, making it seem pricier than a VIP concert ticket. It tweaks the playlist Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or when osmo drops a surprise album (a 20% price move!). It's all about keeping the groove balanced, aiming to fill the wallet with sweet, sweet dollar bills! 🎸💸

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