What is Margined Protocol?

Trading strategies and more in CosmWasm

NOTE: This site is still in progress so documentation may change!

Margined Protocol is developing core protocols and primitives for Cosmos networks.

The first key innovation of Margined Protocol is the use of concentrated liquidity pools to enable on-chain price discovery of the contracts!

Margined Perpetuals on Osmosis

Try Margined Power Perpetuals on Osmosis!

What has Margined done?

Margined have built a number of key protocol and products

  • Power Perpetuals

  • Strategies and Vaults

  • Other core primitives, e.g. tokenisation of CL positions

What can you do now and what makes Margined different?

  • Perpetual contracts with genuine price discovery, through Concentrated Liquidity

  • Performant vault strategies

    • LSD Market Making

    • Redemption Rate Arbitrage

    • Grid Trading Strategies

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