What is Margined Protocol?

Generalised Margin Engines for CosmWasm networks.
NOTE: This site is still in progress so documentation may change!
Margined Protocol is developing decentralised perpetual protocols and multi-chain margin engines for CosmWasm networks.
The key innovation of Margined Protocol is the use of concentrated liquidity pools to enable true price discovery of the contracts!

Margined Perpetuals

Perpetuals are a key innovation of DeFi markets and the future of derivatives contracts. Margined Protocol has two flavours of perpetual:
  1. 1.
    Power Perpetuals - coming to Osmosis mainnet soon.
  2. 2.
    Traditional Perpetuals - still in development
Both perpetual contracts utilise concentrated liquidity to have true price discovery a key feature of a truly decentralised and fair marketplace.

What can you do now and what makes Margined different?

  • Perpetual contracts with genuine price discovery, through Concentrated Liquidity
  • Composable contracts for multiple use cases
  • Blasting off with power perpetuals

Why is Price Discovery Important?

Price discovery is the key feature of markets. Without price discovery we are not actually trading. Unlike oracle based "perpetual" protocols where so-called traders do not provide any information to the market with their trades - rather they are passively taking information from another data source.
Without creating a true on-chain derivative market crypto will not move beyond a sandbox as derivatives are needed for the transfer of risk between market participants.
Therefore Margined Protocol intends to enable price discovery of derivatives in as many areas in crypto as possible.

Margined Perpetuals on a Bona Fide Testnet

Come and try Margined Power Perpetuals on Osmosis testnet soon!
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