Margined Protocol

What is Margined Protocol?

Generalised Margin Engines for CosmWasm networks.
NOTE: This site is still in progress so documentation may change!
Margined Protocol is developing decentralised perpetual protocols and multi-chain margin engines for CosmWasm networks.
The first use case of which are perpetuals. However, over time we will add other use cases to the portfolio of Margined products

Margined Perpetuals

Perpetuals are a key innovation of DeFi markets and the future of derivatives contracts. Margined perpetuals are canonical decentralised perpetual contract protocol utilising Virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM).
Similar to a traditional AMM, e.g. Uniswap, traders can trade with our vAMMs directly without the need for counterparties. The vAMMs provide guaranteed on-chain liquidity by using constant product functions for price discovery.
In the v0 release Margined's perpetuals will use a standard constant product function:
  • ​
    x∗y=kx * y = k
However, in future releases Margined will enable traders to execute orders using a dynamic vAMM (dAMM), order books and more - see our roadmap.

What can you do now and what makes Margined different?

  • Composable contracts for multiple use cases
  • Blasting off with perpetuals focusing on the native cosmos tokens - coming to:
    • Juno, Osmosis, Archway, Persistence and more
  • Partial liquidations and cross-margining
  • Decentralised community governance

Margined Perpetuals on a Bona Fide Testnet

Come and try Margined Perpetuals on Juno's testnet, just make sure you have:
  • ​Keplr wallet
  • Funds
  • Mad trading skillz!
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