What are supported assets?

Initial assets supported will be `uosmo<>squosmo`. Later assets will include:

  • BTC<>sqBTC

  • Atom<>sqATOM

The Power contract has helper functions that enable user's to perform open and close of long and short in a single action but tl;dr:

  • open position (short):

    • mintPowerPerp

    • sell sqOSMO in the osmo<>sqOSMO testnet pool (id 75)

  • close position (short):

    • buy sqOSMO in pool

    • burnPowerPerp

  • open position (long)

    • buy sqOSMO in pool id 75

  • close position (long)

    • sell sqOSMO in pool id 75

Is leverage supported? If yes, while open minting how is leverage set leverage?

So leverage is only part of things when going short, you have to deposit collateral (osmo) when minting.

The ratio of collateral to minted power perp token (sqOSMO) is the leverage.

What is the token info of the power token?

It is a native token denom on testnet it is called factory/osmo1qc5pen6am58wxuj58vw97m72vv5tp74remsul7/uosmoexp

On mainnet is will be name to sqOSMO or sqBTC depending on the underlying asset.

While minting token how do we know the amount of tokens we will be getting in return, like in swap simulation we get returned amount?

You don't need to simulate as the amount of tokens is defined by the user

What is the address of the pool contract?

Pool is not a contract it is referenced via the pool_id

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