What is Locust???

Locust is a vault framework that combines off-chain computation with on-chain vaults.

Users can benefit from more efficient and complex strategy through integration with Authz enabling the Locust vaults to perform actions on the vaults behalf. Using off-chain components also allows Locust to integrate directly with the chain modules, enabling us to support multiple chains and products rapidly. Currently Locust vaults are in development for:

  • Neutron

  • Osmosis


Locust currently supports a number of strategies, with many more in development, including:

  • LSD Strategy

  • Grid Trading Strategy

  • Redemption Rate Arbitrage

Motivation for Locust

The original motivation for Locust came whilst trying to find market makers and create vault strategies for sqASSETs. During this time we realised traditional vaults were not using CL pools in an efficient way and treating them much more like small constant product AMMs as opposed to limit order books.

We therefore develop Locust as a solution to our own problem.

In CL pools liquidity is often provided at an inefficient ranges. This is largely due to the difficulty of active management coupled to a desire to ensure that a position remains in range as much as possible.

However, this approach is inefficient as:

  1. Optimising for remaining in-range reduces depth

  2. Ability for market participants to perform price discovery is diluted due passive LPing

  3. LPs often sell assets at a large discount

  4. Arbitrage back to market price can take large amounts of capital

Therefore Locust takes CL position management a step forward and ensures that assets are always being bought and sold at the correct prices for a specific LP.

Locust enables the creation of positions that track both the market price and a target price. Locust prevents the provision of liquidity between these prices ensuring:

  • Reduction in capital required to return to target price

  • Assets never sold at discount

  • Tighter spreads and deeper


Locust Vaults are configurable to enable both a withdrawal fee and performance fee.

For LP vaults as described above fee schedule would be:

  • Withdrawal Fee: 0%

  • Performance Fee: 15%

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